Frequently Asked Questions

What is Talent Reengineering?
Talent Reengineering, is a radical redesign of your individual core processes and capabilities to produce a dramatic transformation through engaging and leveraging your talent to attain extraordinary results while achieving personal and professional fulfillment.

It is not a coaching or mentoring process, nor is it training or personal branding coaching.
What is the format of Talent Reengineering?
Talent Reengineering is an individual eight-session process. Each session lasts 90 minutes and includes pre- and post-session work, analysis, and reflection. Our approach is personally customized for you, and all information exchanged remains confidential.
What can I expect from Talent Reengineering?
Our individualized, customized experience will deliver tangible and measurable outcomes in four stages: build it, measure it, believe it, and live it.

Once you have completed the process, you will begin to put your talent to work for you.

You should expect to elevate what you currently do by integrating a strategic focus that aligns you with your ecosystem. You have it within you right now to activate this change.
How do you know this process works?
We understand how to integrate and connect all of the elements that influence your talent, and we apply our years of experience, expertise, and techniques to your transformation process.

These include:
  • People development combined with a consultative and engineering approach: acting as your partner and providing deeper expertise with a proven method to deliver results and growth, transforming data into actions, designing solutions, offering a professional and strategic perspective, and providing measurable results.
  • Change management: providing a framework for managing human transformation.
  • Psychology and neuroscience: understanding you, your personality, and your talents.
  • Organizational development: connecting your talent with your workplace.
  • Personal branding: accurately conveying who you are using a marketable message.
  • Photography: making your vision a reality.
  • Self-reflection: asking questions that take you on the road to self-discovery. Sometimes, the answers come from deep within you.
  • Mentoring: offering you guidance and advice from experienced professionals.
  • Training: formal learning is the first step in human transformation.
What differentiates Talent Reengineering
from other development processes?
1. Our Expertise
Talent Reengineering connects you with highly experienced professionals dedicated to the topics that influence your talent.

2. Our Scope
Talent Reengineering embraces a holistic perspective towards connecting all of the elements that interface with your talent to produce action. Other development processes may look at just one or a few aspects, which results in failure.

3. Our Approach
Talent Reengineering takes a consultative approach. The role of a consultant is to guide you to develop solutions for specific needs through understanding ecosystems.Our method examines how personal strategy, process, capability, and talent interact with workplaces and culture as part of the ecosystem.
This approach is applied to activate human behavior.

4. Our Timeframe to Success
Talent Reengineering starts activating during the transformation process. You will begin to redesign your talent and live it as you progress through each stage of the process.

5. Our Deliverables
Our deliverables are tangible and focused on what you can control, with the understanding that you cannot control everything.

6. Our Sessions
The Talent Reengineering sessions are guided by a proven method that allows you to translate your emotions into needs, then your needs into the actions that will require your talents.
The schedule ensures you have ample time between sessions to contemplate and act on the results from each session. We are at your side to guide you through this process.
What is my commitment to the process?
For the process to be successful, you need to be present, to be you, to trust, to be open, and to have an explicit will to change.

You need to attend all eight sessions, at 90 minutes each, every two weeks. The eighth session will occur three months after the completion of the seventh session.

In addition, you must complete the pre —and post— session work, which will take between one to three hours over a two-week period.

This work needs to be shared with your consultants within the expected timeframe as it will provide the basis for your consultant’s analysis and is required for customization of your next session.
Is this process completed remotely?
Seven of the sessions are completed remotely, and one session requires attendance at our offices in Miami, FL.
Who will be interacting with me throughout
the Talent Reengineering process?
The sessions are all held one-on-one. We will assign different consultants based on their specialty and expertise in the topic of the session.

All consultants will be kept updated with your progress so they will have a complete understanding of where you are at within the process.
Could a company complete this process?
This is an individual development process; however, we acknowledge that individuals work for companies. Companies can engage us to work individually with their team members.
Can my employer sponsor me in this process?
Whether your employer will sponsor you depends on your employer’s tuition policies. We can provide you with the details required so you can make a request to your HR department.
What is the price?
The fee is $3850 US, payable within 15 days before the beginning of the first session. Alternatively, our clients can make 3 monthly installments $1284 US.

Taxes included.
Do you offer different payment options?
We offer a deferred three-month payment plan to support you in this journey.
Please contact us at if you are interested in this option.